Dikey Yem Karma SD120

Vertical Feed Mixer SD120

Digital weighing system (Weighbridge) and loading bucket are optional in Feed Mixing Machines
The aim of the machine is to make different feed ingredients into a homogeneous mixture and distribute the mixture to the animals. Mixer wagon Towed type, with transmission. The mixing section consists of the body of the machine and the mixing spiral. There are blades on the main base of the bottom base and these blades prepare the homogenous and desired size feed mixture.


Main specifications

Type: Vertical
Capacity: 12 m3
Input Speed (PTO): 540 rpm
Number of Knives: Vertical : 11
L Type: 2
Minumum input power: 60 HP
Transmission system: Planetary Gearbox
Conveyor belt: Included
Weighing system (optionally): Italian LC
Hydraulic system: On its own
Loading bucket: Included
Silage cutting system: Not included
Discharging side: Right-Left
Axle: Single

Material specifications

Side thickness: 8mm St-37
Base plate: 25mm St-52
Material of auger:   St-37

Auger specifications

Number of auger: 1
Auger speed:  1. Gear :33,4 d/d
2. Gear :18,6 d/d
Diameter of auger:   2400mm
Height of auger:  1385mm
Material of auger:   St-37

Weight and dimesions

Weight:   4600kg
Dimensions when bucket lowest position: L:5800mm
Dimensions when bucket highest position:  L:5540mm
Tires:   400x60x15,5
Conveyor dimesions: W :695mm
H :920mm